EPA To Update Methods And Regulations

Effective Sept 8, 2020 the EPA is updating the test methods required for measuring the flash point of a liquid waste when determining if that waste is an ignitable waste (i.e., SW-846 Method 1010A (Pensky-Martens) or Method 1020B (Setaflash).  Second, EPA is codifying existing guidance regarding the definition of aqueous for purposes of 40 FR 261.21(a)(1).  […]

Change in EPA SW-846 Holding Time Guidance  

The new guidance on sample holding times for the SW-846 program is: Holding times for sample preparation and analysis greater than or equal to 7 days have been met if the sample is prepared or analyzed by the end of the last day or month of the specified maximum holding time. For example, a sample […]

Cannabis Legislative and Regulatory COVD-19 Update

Today Cannabis testing labs are banned from receiving the SBA Cares Act loan..  However, Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) and Rep. Ed Perlmutter (D-CO)  have introduced a bill designed to provide relief efforts for Cannabis testing labs. https://cannabisindustryjournal.com/feature_article/emergency-cannabis-small-business-health-and-safety-act-a-legislative-update/  

EST Update COVID-19

EST remains an essential business.  We are available for your analytical testing needs.  Currently there are no delays in instrument order or parts fulfillments.  Onsite service is dependent upon each state’s regulation and is variable.  Critical spare parts and consumables can be shipped on an urgent basis, subject to stock availability. EST is committed to […]