Purge and Trap is the most effective method for extracting and concentrating volatile organic compounds (VOC) from liquids and solids for analysis via gas chromatography (GC) or GC/MS.

EST analytical has built an excellent reputation for designing and manufacturing an unsurpassed purge and trap system that includes an autosampler the Centurion and a concentrator the Evolution.

Both the Centurion and the Evolution have become the benchmark for proven performance and reliability. Stay EPA Purge and Trap method compliant with our time tested, global leading environmental lab equipment.


When it comes to total nitrogen (TN) and total sulfur (TS) testing, accuracy and precision are critical. The quality of instrument you choose must provide a high level of performance not only for today but tomorrow as well. Your test results must meet your production needs with minimal instrument performance issues. When it comes to having the highest quality total nitrogen and total sulfur analyzers you can rely on EST analytical.

We manufacture both the NexiS and 7000 analyzers complete with autosamplers. These products adhere to standard industry test methods including ASTM D5453, ASTM D6667, ASTM D7183, ASTM D4629, ASTM D5762, ASTM D7184 with options that meet the needs of your lab.

Our instruments are supported by our best-in-class expert and friendly field service engineers and support team.


Precise and reproducible sample preperation and sample introduction are what today’s lab require when achieving the highest quality GC and GC-MS results when using liquid injection, headspace and SPME methods.

EST analytical has built a reputation for manufacturing high quality rugged XYZ robotic platforms.

The Flex provides outstanding performance and the greatest value on the market today. The Flex is made in the USA. The Flex is supported by a team of EST analytical field engineers who are trained chemists.

If your laboratory is responsible for screening or determining compounds in food, beverages or analyzing flavors or odors check out the Flex today.


The ePrep Sample Preparation Workstation utilizes a suite of innovative technologies to bring automation of sample preparation to every laboratory.

Rapid programming and simple instrument configuration allow ePrep to be configured in minutes for even complex Workflows. It takes around 15 minutes to develop and validate a Workflow from scratch and only minutes if the Workflow has been previously developed and saved.

The ePrep’s standalone operation also improves flexibility and effectiveness in a laboratory setting. Samples can be prepared away from analytical instrumentation and directly into a wide range of Autosampler Racks. Once the preparation is complete, the rack can simply be transferred to the analytical instrument reducing complexity in sample processes.