Tier III Gasoline Regulations

New laws have taken place in the US that change the way the country emits CO2.  Tier III regulations will address vehicle emission standards and sulfur dioxide emissions from gasoline. Say goodbye to sulfur and tail-pipes.

Refineries will cut sulfur content in gasoline from 30 parts per million to 10 parts per million. The reduction will trigger a reduction in CO2 emission.

The Nexis (EST analytical) is a total sulfur analyzer that will provide an effective option in the analysis of ASTM method D5453.  It will provide precise trace sulfur elemental analysis of gasoline following the EPA’s performance-based measurement system (PBMS) protocol 40 CFR Part 80, Subpart D section 80.47.

Tier III regulations also phase-out vehicle tail-pipe standards.  This plays a significant role in reducing non-methane gas and nitrogen oxide emissions by 80%, as well as slash particulate matter emissions by 70%.