THE GM 7000

The GM 7000 is designed to introduce safe, accurate and reliable measurement of your Gas and LPG samples for trace level Total Nitrogen and Total Sulfur.

The GM 7000 is designed with 2 fast connectors to connect a Gas or LPG sample cylinder easily and safely to the sampling valve of the Nexis GM, with a fixed volume for automatic sample introduction into the 7000 TN/TS Analyzer.

The GM 7000 is equipped with one sample loop with a volume of 10 mL for gas and one loop with 100 uL for liquefied gas (LPG) samples, which have multiple automatic injection capabilities.

After the pressurized sample cylinder is connected to the sample introduction port of the GM 7000 the user just presses the start button in the software to start the analysis. A customer calibration line can be prepared easily to support routine Gas and LPG analyses.