The Evolution 2 Purge and Trap Concentrator design and functionality is based on laboratory feedback. The USEPA compliant system provides high productivity, stability, reliability and fast maintenance to meet the needs of today’s laboratory for the concentration of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Applications and Industries

  • Environmental
  • Food and Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Flavor, Fragrance
  • Consumer Packaging
  • Petrochemical


  • USEPA 502.1, 502.2, 524.2, 524.3, 524.4, 503.1, 601, 602, 603, 624, 5030, 8010, 8015, 8020, 8021, 8030, 8240, 8260
  • ASTM and Standard Methods
  • Massachusetts VPH and GRO Methods

Stability and Moisture Control

  • ARID Technology for advanced Moisture control
  • Engineered with an 8 port valve sample pathway
  • Uses moisture reduction trap (MORT)
  • Desorb Pressure Control (DPC) (Patented)
  • Desorb Flow Control  (DFC) (Patented)

Maximize Productivity and Reduce Carryover

  • Patented sample flow design reduces sample carryover
  • Faster trap cool down times. 
  •      New engineering design for enhanced ventilation results in reducing trap cool down times by 40% over previous models.
  • Automated signaling to reduce cycle time
  • Dual mode capability to increase sample output
  • Improved shell design. 
  •      The system is designed for easy on/off covers for quick and easy access to the traps
  • Advanced software interface

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