Dissolved gas, sometiimes called RSK or Shale Gas, and headspace analysis is becoming more prevalent in today’s environmental lab. There is a constant need to analyze the dissolved gas content of aqueous solutions. This increase is driving the need to automate this testing. EST analytical now provides a new solution that automates this testing, making your laboratory more productive and reliable. Now your lab can stay EPA 5035 and (ASTM) Method D8028 compliant when running RSK-175. RSK is a time consuming, labor intensive analysis that requires manual preparation of sample vials prior to the headspace analysis. The new LGX-50 liquid gas extractor completely automates the sample prep for headspace analysis of Methane, Ethane, Ethene, and other compounds in water. 

  • The LGX-50 holds up to 50 samples allowing labs increased sample throughput
  • The LGX-50 uses optical sensors eliminate lost vial errors, syringe not-home errors, and elevator not-home errors all of which reduces lab productivity
  • The LGX-50 is proven and provides a rugged and robust XYZ design that maximizes sample throughput
  • User friendly interface
  • The LGX-50 offers intuitive software made for the end user enabling faster processing of dissolved gas samples
  • With remote access the lab can check on samples from any location when connected to the lab’s server