ePrep Accessories

Bulk Solvent Manifold

When larger reagent or solvent volumes are required the Solvent Manifold can be used to deliver liquids from bulk solvent bottles stationed alongside the ePrep. Up to 10 ports are available to serve off deck solvent to standard or µSPEed syringes using the Solvent Manifold. The unit is mounted in the Accessories area, located on the left side of the ePrep deck. The manifold is fitted with one-way passive valves allowing a syringe to be filled and then waste channelled to a collection bottle without any syringe movement. This enables faster sample processing.

The solvent manifold is suitable for µSPEed cartridge and 0.64mm OD needle operation configured with 3ports with µSPEed syringe connection and 7 ports with 0.64mm OD syringe needle connection.

Kit Contents: Solvent Manifold Option, ePrep Adapter Plate/RFID, 20 Lengths of 3mm ID x 200mm length Telfon Tubing, ePrep operational software module.

SPE Cartridge Rack

The µSPEed Cartridge Rack is a self-aligning rack and adapter plate combination for reliable µSPEed cartridge operation on the ePrep. Self-alignment ensures correct engagement of the ePrep syringe with a µSPEed cartridge held in the rack.

Kit Contents: Self Aligning Rack for µSPEed Cartridges (96 cartridges) with ePrep Adapter Plate and RFID. Supplied with a 100µL Endurance ePrep/µSPEed syringe.

Vial Vortex Mixer

An Orbital Shaker is available for vial mixing where mixing or agitation is required. It can be simply added to a Workflow in any position.

Functions of the Shaker include:
– orbital motion
– Low stirring speed to ultra-vigorous mixing and vortexing speeds for viscous liquids; 60 to 3570 RPM
– Ultra-precise home positioning every time
– Buzz mode for resuspending stubborn sediment

Shaker is supplied with specially designed racks for 1.5mL and 96well microtiter plate

Kit Contents: Vortex Mixer, ePrep Adapter Plate/RFID, cabling for power and ePrep connection, ePrep software module and rack for 2mL vials.

eDirect™ – Syringe-to-Detector Interface

eDirect™ is a fantastic addition to any laboratory. It allows the interfacing of a standard 23 gauge needle syringe directly to a chromatography detector. It’s simple to use yet extremely versatile in its application. Its uses include dispensing the contents of a syringe or μSPEed cartridge directly to a Mass Spectrometer, UV/Vis, fluorescence, IR or any chromatography detector or chromatography interface.

eDirect features a soft seal which forms a liquid tight connection around a needle inserted into the interface. Sample is transferred directly from the needle through a small bore transfer tube to the detector with minimal band broadening.

The eDirect is mounted on the deck of the ePrep so the ePrep can be used to infuse directly into a detector. It also makes the interface suitable for robotic or autosampler applications where variations in syringe position can be variable.

eDirect is supplied with a 500mm length of 1/32” OD x 100μm ID Peeksil™ (fused silica lined PEEK) transfer tubing. Micro Unions are supplied to connect the Peeksil™ tubing to the detector. The micro union is supplied with 1/32”-1/32” and 1/32”-1/16” two way ferrules.

– ePrep direct MS Infusion from syringe or μSPEed micro separation cartridge to mass spectrometer.
– Direct infusion into UV/Vis detector from µSPEed micro separation cartridge.
– Connection of ePrep Syringe to an HPLC Injection Port.
Kit Contents: eDirect A, stand appropriate to the option selected 500mm x 100µm PEEKsil Transfer Tubing

Syringe Filter Kit

Syringe filter kit enables luer syringe filters to be used on ePrep for sample filtering in a Workflow. The kit enables most 4mm to 25mm diameter commercial syringe filters to be used with ePrep.

Syringe Filter Rack
The Rack is a self-aligning rack and adapter plate combination for reliable syringe filter operation on the ePrep. The rack can hold 70 commercially available filters in two layers of 35 and is compatible with disk filters up to 25mm diameter.

​Syringe Filter Disposal Bin
The Syringe Filter Disposal Bin supplier with the kit enables simple and safe detachment and disposal of used filters

A special 2.5mL positive displacement ePrep syringe is supplied with the kit. Maximum filtered volume will depend on the hold-up volume of the filter.

​50mm Luer Hub Needles are supplied to prefill the syringe prior to filter connection. Short 30mm luer hub needles (also supplied) are fitted to the filter outlet for sealed vial operation.

​Syringe Filter Kit Contents
Self Aligning Syringe Filter Rack (70 filters) with ePrep Adapter Plate and RFID, Filter Disposal Bin, 2.5mL ePrep Luer Syringe, Syringe Filling Needles 50mm|0.64mm|Domed (Pkt 5) and Filter Dispense Needles 32mm|0.64mm|Domed (Pkt 100).

Disposable Syringe Kit

For method protocols requiring strict sample non-cross contamination and where syringe washing is not possible, Eprep has developed Syngles disposable syringes that can be automated on the ePrep platform. 1mL Syngles syringes use a medical grade polypropylene body and TPE detachable plunger tip. They are suitable for aqueous and most HPLC solvents. Accuracy of these syringes is ±5%.

Two versions of Syngles Syringes are available, one with a fitted 50mm needle and the other with a conical luer tip. Luer Syngles are suitable for all standard ISO594 luer taper fittings, such as syringe filters and liquid connections.

Starter Kit Contents: Rack with ePrep Adapter Plate, Waste Syringe Bin, XCHANGE Tool for Singles, 84 x 1mL Syngles Disposable Syringes with fitted needle

Bar Code Reader Module

Where identification and recording of vials used in a workflow is required, the ePrep 2D barcode reader can be simply retrofitted to the ePrep by lab staff or service personnel.

The barcode reader uses a 2D barcode engine capable of reading 1D and 2D bar codes from a range of vial sizes. The ePrep Gripper is used to pickup and rotate the vial during the read, which is particularly useful for small vials where the barcode wraps around the vial.

The 2D barcode engine supports all main stream 1D barcodes as well as PDF417, QRCode (QR1, QR2, Micro QR), Data Matrix and GS-1 Databar™ (RSS) (RSS-Limited, RSS-14, RSS-14 Stacked and RSS-Expand).

ePrep software is configured to record the following bar code information: Date, Analysis Number, Work Order, Sample Number, Sample Name, Origin, Batch Number and Expiry Date.

Kit Contents: Barcode reader module, installation tools, cabling and ePrep operational software module.