The ePrep Sample Preparation Workstation utilizes a suite of innovative technologies to bring automation of sample preparation to every laboratory.Rapid programming and simple instrument configuration allow ePrep to be configured in minutes for even complex Workflows. It takes around 15 minutes to develop and validate a Workflow from scratch and only minutes if the Workflow has been previously developed and saved.The ePrep’s standalone operation also improves flexibility and effectiveness in a laboratory setting. Samples can be prepared away from analytical instrumentation and directly into a wide range of Autosampler Racks. Once the preparation is complete, the rack can simply be transferred to the analytical instrument reducing complexity in sample processes.The workstation can integrate a variety of sample preparation techniques to maximise sample output and accuracy.


  • Intuitive and simple operation for setup of methods in minutes.
  • Adaptable configuration for sample preparation requirements.
  • ePrep is designed to be equally effective, whether running sample batches of 5 or 500.
  • Pre-programmable tasks include common sample preparation and liquid handling procedures.
  • Quick to Setup and Run.
  • ePrep uses a Microsoft Pro Tablet for programming Workflows.


A range of optional accessories are available to enhance the capabilities of ePrep. These accessories are predefined in the software for rapid deployment within a Workflow.


Bulk Solvent Manifold

When larger reagent or solvent volumes are required the Solvent Manifold can be used to deliver liquids from bulk solvent bottles stationed alongside the ePrep. Up to 10 ports are available to serve off deck solvent to standard or µSPEed syringes using the Solvent Manifold.


µSPEed Cartridge Rack

This rack is required for the automation of the micro SPE cartridges produced by ePrep. The rack holds a maximum of 105 SPE cartridges. If additional SPE cartridges are required for a specific sample preparation run, additional racks may be added.


Vial Vortex Mixer

An Orbital Shaker is available for vial mixing where mixing or agitation is required. It can be simply added to a Workflow in any position. Shaker is supplied with specially designed racks for 1.5mL vails. Racks for 4mL, 6mL vial and 96well microtiter plate are also available.


eDirect™, Syringe-to-Detector Interface

The Interface enables automated connection of a standard 23 gauge needle syringe directly to a chromatography detector. eDirect can be called from the ePrep Workflow software. For example, the high resolution sample preparation that can be achieved on the ePrep µSPEed cartridges can give an extract that is clean enough for the ePrep to inject straight onto a mass spectrometer.


Syringe Filter Kit

Syringe filter kit enables luer syringe filters to be used on ePrep for sample filtering in a Workflow. The rack is suitable for syringe filter diameters of 4mm to 25mm.


Disposable Syringe Kit

1mL disposable (plastic) syringes are suitable for single use applications where strict non-cross contamination is required and syringe washing is not possible.


Bar Code Reader Module

Where identification and recording of vials used in a workflow is required, the ePrep 2D barcode reader is capable of reading 1D and 2D bar codes from a range of vial sizes.

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