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TN/TS/TX 7000 Model Combustion Analyzer

The TN/TS/TX 7000 model makes use of vertical sample introduction and high temperature oxidation, followed by UV-Fluorescence (TS-UVF), chemiluminescence (TN-CLD) and (TX-MC) micro coulometric titration detection. The 7000 comes complete with the AS120. The AS120 is a 120 position XYZ liquids autosampler with unique capabilities to handle both high volatile and viscous samples

Key Features

Accurate & Repeatable Results

  • Vertical Sample Introduction
  • High performance UV-F and CLD detectors
  • Simultaneous Total Sulfur + Nitrogen data down to 30 ppb
  • Exclusive XYZ 120 position autosampler

Proven Wide Range of Applications

  • Simultaneous sulfur and nitrogen data
  • Enhanced application range for liquids and LPG/Gasses
  • Compliance with ASTM, UOP, EN ISO, EN, IP, JIS, DIN

Easy to Operate for Improved Lab Productivity

  • Ease of use intuitive software
  • Robust and most compact design
  • Proven technical support team available
  • Unsurpassed onsite service and repair team available

Application Notes