EST Analytical provides on-site service for a variety of Sample Introduction Products including Purge and Trap / VOC Instrumentation and GC Autosamplers interfaced with GC and GCMS products. The Service Group at EST Analytical brings over 150 years of VOC application experience to your laboratory. Our specific knowledge base of Purge and Trap Instrumentation along with factory training on GC and GCMS products sets us apart from alternative service solutions due to our “Complete System” approach to troubleshooting.


Product TypeManufacturer and Model
Purge and Trap ConcentratorsEST Analytical Encon and Encon Evolution (EV) Tekmar 3000/3100, Velocity, Stratum, and Atomx OI Analytical Eclipse/4660
Purge and Trap AutosamplersEST Analytical Centurion W and WS EST Analytical Archon and EST 8100 Archon and OI 4552
GC AutosamplersEST Analytical Cobra and Flex
LC AutosamplersEST Analytical LC-241 (Bench Repair Only)
Dissolved Gas AnalyzersEST Analytical LGX-50
HeadspaceEST Analytical HS9000 and Flex
GC Products5890 Series II / 6890 / 7890
MSD Products5972 / 5973 / 5975 / 5977
GC DetectorsOI Analytical FID/PID
Total Nitrogen / Sulfur and Chloride AnalyzersThermo Combustion TN/TS/ECS/3000


  • Demand Repair Service – Service performed on an incidental basis. Service is provided within 3-5 days or sooner if service representative availability allows. EST Service Charge and standard labor and travel rates will apply. Required parts are sold at current list prices.
  • Preventative Maintenance - Services designed to reduce errors to keep instruments running efficiently
  • Instrument Refurbishments - Sample pathway replacement for Purge and Trap Concentrators
  • Contract Support – Unlimited onsite services calls or return to depot repairs. Response time of 48 hours with parts, labor and travel included.
  • Warranty Support for EST Products
  • On-Site Training Courses - EST Analytical can provide customized training courses at your facility. Courses include maintenance and repair of purge and trap systems as well as GC and/or MSD instrumentation.


There are several ways that you can take advantage of EST Support:

Speak to Tech Support Monday through Friday 8:00AM to 5:00PM EST.
Phone #: 513.642.0100

Email our Tech Support Group at: Support@estanalytical.com

Log your service request direct through our on-line request form.
For the self-maintainers, tap into the technical support Forum and our FAQ resources.


EST Analytical provides preventative maintenance solutions that are designed to help your instrumentation maintain peak performance. Customers receiving PM service from our factory trained service engineers experience the following benefits:

  • Reduce Downtime
  • Increased Reliability
  • Increased Production
  • Reduced Repair Costs
  • Extended Instrument Life

One of the key side benefits and cost savings realized by our customers is the ability of the PM Service to identify potential repair items that can be addressed during the PM. Simple repairs can be addressed during the PM without the need for costly scheduled repairs at a later date by combining the repair with the maintenance service.


Purge and Trap

  • Trap and Mort Replacement
  • Vent and Bake Valve
  • Vent Line Restrictor
  • XYZ Mechanical Maintenance
  • Bushing and Bearings
  • Gripper Maintenance
  • Syringe Maintenance
  • SW Updates / Inspection
  • Application Method Review

GC and MSD

  • Inlet Maintenance
  • Column Maintenance
  • Check oven and flapper motor
  • Source Cleaning
  • Vacuum Maintenance
  • Clean Electronics Bay
  • Pump Down / Leak Check
  • Review of MSD Condition from tune report
  • Applications / Method Review

Combustion Analyzers

  • Thermocouples
  • O-Rings
  • Perma Pure Dryer
  • Quick Connects
  • Vacuum Maintenance
  • Thermal Switch
  • Ozone Killer
  • Inline Filters


  • Parts and Labor (Zone/Travel charges additional)
  • Full system performance evaluation
  • Method/Application review with the user


Product TypeBrand
Purge and Trap ConcentratorEST/Encon Evolution
Purge and Trap AutosamplerEST Centurion W and WS
Purge and Trap AutosamplerArchon / EST 8100
Gas Chromatograph5890 / 6890 / 7890
Mass Spec Detector5972 / 5973 / 5975 / 5977
Combustion AnalyzerTEI Xplorer NS / Xplorer Chloride
Combustion AnalyzerThermo TN-TS 3000 / Thermo ECS 3000
Combustion AutosamplerArchie 105 / NeXYZ


Over the course of analyzing for VOC’s, the purge and trap’s sample pathway will develop active sites and deposits. This results in low response, inconsistency, increased carryover, and high RSD’s for heavier, late eluting analytes. These issues lead to reduced throughput and efficiency due to increased calibration attempts and excess quality control verifications. After refurbishment, the instrument has a new sample pathway free of the issues listed above.


  • Complete Sample Pathway replacement
  • New 6-port or 8-port valve
  • Vocarb 3000 (K) Trap alternate traps by request.
  • Replacement of fittings - Silco Steel or Siltek
  • Complete Mechanical Evaluation.
  • Operational Qualification (OQ)
  • Data Pack (Available With Bench Repair Only)

Operational Qualification
Calibration Linearity5 point calibration - 8260 Test Mix2 ppb - 200 ppb
Carryover ValidationBlank AnalysisAfter 50 ppb and 200 ppb
Consistency Study5 Reps @ 20 ppb w/IS< 8 % RSD
Concentrator RefurbishmentsModel
EST AnalyticalEncon, Encon Evolution (EV)
OIEclipse 4660
Tekmar3000, 3100, Velocity, Stratum


If the evaluation exposes problems beyond what the refurbishment will resolve, we will contact you to discuss the findings before performing any additional repairs.


EST Training Courses are designed in partnership with the customer. We have several training modules that can be used as a template to constructing the perfect on-site training course for your laboratory. We will customize the agenda based on these modules and your individual needs. Courses are delivered to groups of 6 or less students for a cost of $1500 per day plus travel expenses.


Product TypeManufacturer
Purge and TrapEST Analytical | OI | Tekmar
GC AutosamplersEST Analytical (Cobra and Flex)
Dissolved Gas AnalyzersEST Analytical (LGX-50)
HeadspaceEST Analytical Flex
GC and Mass Spec(5890/6890/7890/5972/5973/5975/5977)
Total Nitrogen/Sulfur/ChlorideTE
GC DetectorsFID | PID | ECD | and OI


Module 1 - Basic Gas Chromatography

Overview of the chromatographic process that includes theory training regarding column separation science, partitioning, efficiency, and resolution. Cap column choices, flow rates, and typical chromatographic problems.

Module 2 - Purge And Trap Theory

Why use Purge and Trap? What is gas extraction and headspace equilibrium? Explore factors affecting purge efficiency. Trace typical purge and trap flow paths.

Module 3 - Purge and trap familiarization

User training for specific Purge and Trap instrument models. Modes of operation are explained, review of flow diagrams, configuration with autosamplers and GC's are delivered within this module. Method configuration is verified and default method setups are completed.

Module 4 - Purge and trap troubleshooting

Maintenance and Troubleshooting of EST supported purge and trap models. The course covers general troubleshooting tools and techniques specific to problem solving purge and trap systems such as leaks, flow problems, and response issues. The course will also deliver basic maintenance procedures to keep your instruments running efficiently.

Module 5 - gcms pt user training

System overview and familiarization of EST supported GCMS systems. Review of instrument components, instrument tuning, method editing and optimization, and data analysis. The course will also cover GC and MSD maintenance and basic troubleshooting of issues like leaks, response inconsistency, and vacuum efficiency.

Module 6 - Purge and Trap - environmental methods familiarization

This course is designed to train the novice environmental VOC Analyst to operate their system in accordance with the EPA Method 8260 Guidelines.


To schedule a bench repair, please make sure to have the instrument model and serial number available. You may either click on the “Request a Quote” button or contact EST Technical Support directly.

Support Contact Options

Free Technical Phone Support:
888.890.1404 or 513.642.0100 – Choose option #1
Email: support@estanalytical.com


EST offers Bench Repair solutions for a wide variety of instrumentation. All you need to do is package the instrument and ship it to us, and our trained bench repair technicians can troubleshoot and repair your problem in a timely manner. If you would like, an optional analytical evaluation can be done after any repair. See below for a list of instruments that our trained bench repair technicians can support.

Product TypeManufacturer and Model
Purge and Trap ConcentratorsEST Analytical Encon and Encon Evolution (EV) Tekmar 3000/3100, Velocity, Stratum, and Atomx OI Analytical Eclipse/4660
Purge and Trap AutosamplersEST Analytical Centurion W and WS EST Analytical Archon and EST 8100 Archon and OI 4552
GC AutosamplersEST Analytical Cobra and Flex
LC AutosamplersEST Analytical LC-241 (Return to bench only)
Dissolved Gas AnalyzersEST Analytical LGX-50
HeadspaceEST Analytical HS9000 and FLEX
GC Products5890 Series II / 6890 / 7890
MSD Products5972 / 5973 / 5975 / 5977
GC DetectorsOI Analytical FID / PID
Total Nitrogen/Sulfur and Chloride AnalyzersThermo Combustion TN/TS/ECS/3000


Do you have an autosampler or concentrator that requires annual/semi-annual preventative maintenance in order to maintain performance or certification? Let EST  perform the preventative maintenance at our bench repair facility, and avoid paying the travel fees associated with on-site service. EST offers bench PM services for Centurion, Archon, 8100, and 4552 autosamplers; as well as EST, Tekmar and OI concentrators.


Is your concentrator giving you problems with carry-over or poor responses due to activity in the sample pathway? EST offers bench refurbishment as an option to get your concentrator running like new. With an EST refurbishment, you will get the entire sample pathway replaced starting at the sample mount and extending through your analytical trap and GC transfer line tubing. A complimentary analytical evaluation will be done post-refurbishment to verify the concentrator’s performance. See below for a list of instruments that our trained bench repair technicians can refurbish.

ManufacturerConcentrator Model
EST AnalyticalEncon, Encon Evolution (EV)
OIEclipse 4660
Tekmar3000 / 3100, Velocity, and Stratum

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