Total Sulfur in Automotive Fuels by Combustion and UV-F Detection Compliant with ASTM D5453

ASTM D5453 covers the determination of Total Sulfur in concentrations ranging from about 1 to 8000 mg/kg in a wide range of liquid hydrocarbons and automotive fuels having a boiling point range of 25˚C to 400˚C and viscosities between 0.2 and 20 Cst (mm²/s) at ambient temperature.

Sulfur compounds can have detrimental effects on many environmental and industrial processes and are undesirable in finished products. This supports the need and importance to monitor trace level sulfur concentration of various type of automotive fuels and related products. This Application Note shows the analysis performance of a set of automotive fuel samples. The system design and methodology of the EST NexiS Total Sulfur analyzer is thoroughly tested for response linearity and repeatability, to validate its performance according to ASTM D5453.