ASTM D5453

Many type of Nitrogen compounds can contaminate refinery catalysts and tend to be the most difficult class of compounds to hydrogenate. The Nitrogen content remaining in the product of a hydrotreator is a critical measure of the effectiveness of the hydrotreating process. In lubricating oils the concentration of Nitrogen is a measure of the presence of Nitrogen containing additives. This test method is intended for use in production plant control (QC) and in research applications.

This test method covers the determination of Nitrogen in liquid hydrocarbons, including petroleum process streams and lubricating oils in the concentration range from 40 mg/kg to 10,000 mg/kg Nitrogen. For light hydrocarbons containing less than 100 mg/kg Nitrogen, ASTM D4629 can be more appropriate.

Working range Total Nitrogen : 40 – 10,000 mg/kg
Sample types: Lubricating Oils, Liquid Hydrocarbons

EST analytical solution:
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