When larger reagent or solvent volumes are required the Solvent Manifold can be used to deliver liquids from bulk solvent bottles stationed alongside the ePrep. Up to 10 ports are available to serve off deck solvent to standard or µSPEed syringes using the Solvent Manifold. The unit is mounted in the Accessories area, located on the left side of the ePrep deck. The manifold is fitted with one-way passive valves allowing a syringe to be filled and then waste channelled to a collection bottle without any syringe movement. This enables faster sample processing.

The solvent manifold is suitable for µSPEed cartridge and 0.64mm OD needle operation configured with 3ports with µSPEed syringe connection and 7 ports with 0.64mm OD syringe needle connection.

Kit Contents: Solvent Manifold Option, ePrep Adapter Plate/RFID, 20 Lengths of 3mm ID x 200mm length Telfon Tubing, ePrep operational software module.