Where identification and recording of vials used in a workflow is required, the ePrep 2D barcode reader can be simply retrofitted to the ePrep by lab staff or service personnel.

The barcode reader uses a 2D barcode engine capable of reading 1D and 2D bar codes from a range of vial sizes. The ePrep Gripper is used to pickup and rotate the vial during the read, which is particularly useful for small vials where the barcode wraps around the vial.

The 2D barcode engine supports all main stream 1D barcodes as well as PDF417, QRCode (QR1, QR2, Micro QR), Data Matrix and GS-1 Databar™ (RSS) (RSS-Limited, RSS-14, RSS-14 Stacked and RSS-Expand).

​ePrep software is configured to record the following bar code information: Date, Analysis Number, Work Order, Sample Number, Sample Name, Origin, Batch Number and Expiry Date.

Kit Contents: Barcode reader module, installation tools, cabling and ePrep operational software module.